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By Anthony Coulls on

Shuttles are go

Senior Curator Anthony Coulls provides an update on a new train service between our sites at York and Shildon.

Well, I’ve not blogged since May I find, somewhat embarrassingly! We’ve been busy with the Station Hall project, then holidays and yard operations have somewhat taken over. I’ll try and be more regular as the autumn approaches and things slow down a bit (well, not really – I am busy every weekend through to November it seems!)

This weekend, 17-18 September, and the following one, 24-25 September, see the inauguration and trial of a shuttle train service between the two NRM sites at York and Shildon.

The trains leave the South Yard at the museum from a newly extended platform – rare track if that is your thing!

From the driver’s seat of the 02 as we test the new platform for clearance with Princess Elizabeth, taking 09 017 for the ride as we go!

Preparations have been ongoing, but this week took a new turn as both locos on site began to be prepared for use.

Princess Elizabeth awaits her support crew, who will begin to bring her to life in the South Yard.

In the North Yard on the other side of the Museum, Matthew Ellis and I pulled out “Olton Hall/Hogwarts Castle” and filled the boiler with water before setting a warming fire in it.

With the hydrant hose providing a water feature, 5972 has its boiler filled via the injector overflow. Facing it is our Deltic, 55 002, which departed for test running on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway today.

We look forward to a good weekend of running, and hope it will set the scene for the following weekend where the LMS Steam Weekend at York and the annual Steam Gala at Shildon are taking place and linked by the service. This Saturday I am support crew on the Hall, so I may get chance to post my experiences here if not too busy!

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  1. Can you tell me if the shuttle between York nd Shilton is running this year?

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