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By Ellen Tait on

Halloween at the museum

Did you know that the National Railway Museum is haunted?

As people around the country look for scary films and even scarier costumes to match I thought it fitting to share these spooky images, which were collected over the years by a former member of our security team.

This first pic shows a mysterious shape caught next to Mallard. Is it merely a trick of the camera or something more sinister…..

Mallard National Railway Museum
An eerie shape is seen next to Mallard.

Next we have a spooky phantom suspended in the air during 2011’s Locos in a Different Light competition. The event aims to bring the locos to life with stunning displays but it appears we may have reanimated something else entirely!

National Railway Museum
Our mysterious phantom is caught suspended in the air.

Saving the best for last we have this unexplained image that was taken by a security guard out in our South Yard. It shows a man in vintage clothing climbing aboard a cab. In itself not too spooky – until you know it was taken on a night when the museum was empty and no rail ops were taking place!

National Railway Museum
A ghost appears in the South Yard.

We wish you a happy Halloween from everyone at the museum, and hope these images don’t scare you away.

2 comments on “Halloween at the museum

  1. if when you die you have a choice to visit places the nrm will be on my list –I would probably be the one who comes up to you to ask permission

  2. The picture of the mallard with christine posing was taken on a old phone no flash no tricks it was investigated by paranormal society with no explanation for it spooky

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