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By Anthony Coulls on

The Experimental Advanced Passenger Train (APT-E) is now secure

When Locomotion opened in 2004, one of the major exhibits to be housed under cover for the first time was the iconic Experimental Advanced Passenger Train, otherwise known as APT-E.

Since 2000, a loyal band of volunteers led by Paul Leadley and Kit Spackman (Mr Tilt of previous postings) has worked tirelessly on the conservation of the APT-E.

Since 2004 the train has had its tilting ability disabled and has been on temporary blocks, making it technically unstable. Kit has designed some anti-tilt blocks, which Richard Pearson and the workshop team made, and today these were fitted to make initially one power car stable. We can now allow the group access to safely work on the train and hopefully open the cab on select days. Should you wish to learn more about the train and the support group’s activities, please visit – if you’d like to get involved, the team will welcome you with open arms!

Kit supervises Richard jacking up the train on one side…

…while Paul and Jason watch the clearance on the anti-tilt supports on the other side
The area around the work was barriered off, but Paul and Kit put out their display boards to explain the APT-E story
Once the anti-tilt blocks were in place, these notices were placed on the bogies to disguise them
With the train finally level and secure for the first time in six years, Paul and Kit celebrate a job well done
A view through the engine bay of the Power Car, with turbines and ancillaries on both sides
Now that the train is stable, we hope that the APT-E support group will be able to open the cab during Cab It events and other special days, raising the profile of APT-E and telling its true story

5 comments on “The Experimental Advanced Passenger Train (APT-E) is now secure

  1. A great job all round I think.
    Anthony, we should use your camera more often, as the engine room shot and the cab shot, like so good, you could think it was roll out day.

    Nice blog, no lets get cracking on the rest of E train………

  2. I was just searching for pics of the APT-E on its travels from Derby to The NRM York as I was the Guard who worked it that day – it was towed by a deisel Loco (Possibly a class 45) via a drawbar – I was in a freight brakevan to the rear – it was operated as a “SpeciaI” – The puzzling thing is that all the info i can find says it was delivered to York in 1976 – however I passed out as a guard just days before my 18th birthday in 1978 and was a Freight Guard working from from Derby 4-Shed so my recollection is that this would have been cira 1983 – or is my memory mistaking the version of the APT ? I worked it from Derby to Masboro and from there I had another guard joined me as i didn’t Sign for the road between Masboro and York – where we “Backed it into the sidings at the NRM

    hoe these notes are helpful and I would appreciate being put right if my memories are incorrect

    John Carpenter

  3. That train is so rare as far as i know its THE ONLY GAS TURBINE POWERED TRAIN IN ENGLAND I BELIVE AMTRACK HAD DEISEL POWERED BUT DID HAVE A TURBINE FOR ADDED SPEED IT SHOULD BE RESTORED !!!!!!!!!! WE HAVE LOTS OF STEAM & VARIOUS OTHERS BUT THE apt is so rare i know it would be horendous on fuel i saw inside it many years ago it was a tip but i believe 2 turbines are new leyland also made a wagon the turbine still exist but the wagon is no more there is a rover turbine 2000 type in the bmc museum & i belive there is a replica of the very early rover turbine COME ON PLEASE PLKEASE WHY CAN’T IT BE HEARD AGAN !!!! I BOUGHT THE LIMITED EDITION OO GAUGE BUT PLEASE GET THIS SO RARE PIECE OF HISTORY RUNNING AGAIN WE ARE THE BEST regards IAN

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