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By Sam Terrace on

Volunteers’ Week: A day in the life of a Development Admin Volunteer

Volunteers' Week is still going—here's a look at what it's like to work with our Development team.

Today we’re joined by Development Admin Volunteer Linda Oldfield.

Linda is a regular volunteer in our Development team, where she supports the administration of the museum’s Patron programme. Alongside this, Linda volunteers for our large family events like Future Engineers where she is involved throughout event planning. She participates in volunteer consultation during planning, helping us plan and deliver events with the best experience for our visitors and volunteers, and she supports new volunteers at the museum as a team leader during events and contributes to volunteer evaluation afterwards.

Katherine, Linda’s supervisor on the team, says: “Linda’s incredible attention to detail, thoughtful engagement and kind manner means she works well with the team but also the museum’s donors. Always on hand to help with letters, newsletters, event planning and event attendance, Linda is a great asset to our team.”

Here’s what Linda has to say about her role…

What is your volunteer role?

To assist in the development department with the Patrons programme.

How long have you volunteered at the museum?

Two years in my current role, plus three years previously as an Event Volunteer.

And how long do you see yourself continuing to volunteer at the museum?

As long as I can do the tasks I am given effectively, and as long as I enjoy doing that.

Describe your typical day volunteering

I greet everyone in the office with a quick chat, decide which computer to use and load my profile, while I make some tea.

I check emails, catch up with my supervisor and discuss my tasks for the day.  I prepare renewal and thank you letters to Patrons, may do research on collection items, or find information on the intranet on past events.

At lunchtime I go to the café, chatting to other volunteers on the way. Visitors sometimes ask for directions or want to shar their railway-related stories with someone.

I walk around the museum, seeing changes, reading information boards, looking at current exhibitions.

I also volunteer for events and family activities so may have meetings or training to attend to find out about the activities I’ll be helping run in the next school holiday.

Why do you volunteer at the Museum?

I enjoy being at the museum, and after retirement I missed meeting people. This is an ideal place for that and I do a role that supports the staff to make a difference.

What is the best thing about volunteering?

I feel useful and appreciated.

What difference do you think you make to the museum in your role?

I am happy to do mundane, time-consuming tasks that leave paid specialist colleagues time to do what they are good at.

What do you get out of volunteering? 

My role keeps me active and interested, and involved with younger people. It gives some structure to my life as a retiree.

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