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By Anthony Coulls on

Tornado, Mallard & Shildon

News of Mallard's move to Shildon

Pending a full update/report from this week if I get chance, here’s today’s big news – on 23rd June, new build A1 pacific “Tornado” will haul NRM icon, A4 pacific “Mallard” from York to Shildon up the East Coast Main Line for display for the forseeable future. More details once they have been settled upon, but this paves the way for a fantastic Annual Steam Gala at Locomotion in September with an East Coast/ Great Northern flavour…

3 comments on “Tornado, Mallard & Shildon

  1. Great news – but won’t NRM York be bombarded with complaints over the lack of Mallard there?

  2. I am a frequent visitor to NRM York and although it will be great to see a Peppercorn “Towing” the Mallard on 23rd June, it is one of the biggest attractions at York and will be sorely missed

  3. But gratefully received at Locomotion! As a Locomotion regular I think rotation of attractions between York and Shildon would re-vitalise Locomotion, and why not?

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