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By Anthony Coulls on

Safely home

The move of Mallard by steam to Shildon was a cause for excitement.

Whilst controversial in some quarters, Mallard is now on display to a new audience and the crowds were out along the East Coast Main Line, with quite probably 3000 people seeing the pair at Shildon alone tonight between 5.30 and 6.30 (though the A1 left an hour early to stand a chance of an easier night’s journey across to Crewe for its Shap trip tomorrow). Richard Pearson and Helen Ashby rode with the loco, whislt I stayed at Shildon to help shunt and then work the ground frame to get the locos on and off our site. Having the NRM’s 47 on the train as back up brake force and shunter was really useful and good to see too.

Tornado leads Mallard and the 47 into Shildon past my spot at the ground frame
Just a few of the over 2400 visitors take the chance to get a photo of this unique pairing before the A1 had to leave early for its train over Shap tomorrow
Once the crowds had gone home, a few of us had the chance to photograph the A4 before putting it away for the night – but the sun had gone in!

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