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By Russell Hollowood on

Happy 100th birthday to a tiny railway with a big history

The Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Signalling School – a model railway layout used to train real-life signallers – recently celebrated its 100th birthday with a three-day have-a go event here at the museum.


garve24 478On Friday, our director Paul Kirkman (below, right) led museum staff in getting to grips with the layout – and for the rest of the day, museum staff learnt the dark art of railway signalling.

garve24 586

garve24 583

Saturday was the turn of the professionals: real-life signallers, who’d had their training on this very layout, met old comrades and shared stories of days gone by. Despite the snow, plenty showed up.

garve24 636

Finally, everyone enjoyed a piece of Signal School birthday cake.

garve24 728

Sunday afternoon was spent helping visitors operate the layout, and centenary celebrations closed with a group photograph.

garve24 700

Here’s hoping the Signalling School is still around in 2113.

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