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By Anthony Coulls on

Gresley Gala at Shildon – preview part 2

If you needed a reason to come to Shildon this weekend then see if these photos persuade you.

The 6th annual steam gala will offer a rare opportunity to see Mallard, 1247 and Green Arrow outside, and the latter’s last appearance at Shildon before its return to York:

Let’s hope the sun shines for the weekend!
Morayshire, Mallard, Green Arrow and 1247 during a shunt this morning – what a line up!

2 comments on “Gresley Gala at Shildon – preview part 2

  1. Dear Anthony,
    As you mentioned yesterday, this year is the 75th anniversary of the A4’s. Bearing that in mind is there any chance of you being able to use your influence to arrange a better display of the model of ‘silver link’, which the last time I saw it was consigned to the top of a pallet high up in the store of the nrm at York. In my opinion it’s a very important model, being contemporaneous with the original A4’s, and being the only surviving exampleof the ‘silver’ livery. It’s apity it should be left out in the open with its paintwork unprotected from dust accumulation. It used to have pride of place in the old small exhibits section at Queen st. It deserves better treatment than it gets now. It could be part of the ‘flying scotsman’ story as there is a published photo of it pulling that train.
    Yours hopefully, Tom Kirtley.

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