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By Mark Green on

Flying Scotsman: now with wheels

From today, we'll be bringing you regular blog updates on the restoration of Flying Scotsman.

Find out more about the progress of the mighty locomotive below.

20 January 2011

The driving wheels returned today from Crewe, where they have been re-profiled. This means that the workshop team will now be able to re-wheel the chassis, using the Museum’s wheeldrop. Each wheel will have its refurbished bearings refitted, before being raised into place under the chassis. The new springs will then be fitted, along with the brake gear and the new brake piping.

At Ian Riley & Son, work has proceeded well on the boiler since last summer. All of the tubes have been fitted, along with the main steam pipe and the regulator fittings. All of the stays have been fitted to the sides of the firebox and the back head and the throat plate stays are being fitted at the moment. Preparations are now being made to fit the new banjo dome and the smoke box.

Meanwhile, the superheater header has been tested here and small cracks have been detected in two places, which have now been repaired by a specialist welder. The header will shortly be sent to an outside contractor to have the surfaces machined, to ensure steam-tight joints.

The new sides for the cab have been skilfully welded onto the upper portions of the structure. Work will continue to finish the restoration of the cab, with the addition of edging strips and the reassembly of minor components.

Work is also continuing on the tender. The brake piping and compressed-air cylinders have now been fitted to the underside, between the frames. The new castings for the tender axleboxes have been delivered and are currently being machined, along with new brasses. The tender frames are also being cleaned in preparation for repainting.

The chassis of A3 pacific Flying Scotsman is currently sharing the Workshop with the chassis of A1 pacific Tornado. The two locomotives – both in LNER livery – make quite a sight together.

1 February 2011

The motion has now been reattached to the driving wheels on both sides. The springs have been fitted to the driving wheels and the brake gear is being reassembled.

The reverser has been temporarily fitted in advance of the forthcoming move back to Bury, where the boiler will be fitted to the frames.

You can see more images from the restoration at the Flying Scotsman website.

5 comments on “Flying Scotsman: now with wheels

  1. Just awesome photos, my father took me out to Randall’s Island in New York City in 1969 to see the Flying Scotsman making its approach to New York. Have NEVER forgotten it.

  2. I would love to make a small model of it. Can you please help me by telling me which metal bar starts making the wheel(s) turn?

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