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By Ruth Leach on

Exploring our luggage label collection

Don't crush—the small but important luggage label has many stories to tell.

As part of the Station Hall redevelopment I’ve been looking through our collection of luggage labels. We’ll be reproducing some of these labels and using them on the new exhibits that will be installed in Station Hall. Here are a few of my favourites:

I love the simplicity and typography of this South Eastern & Chatham Railway label for Charing Cross.
A rather more elaborate label for luggage being sent on the Cornish Riviera Express.
I wonder how many porters took notice of this label.
Rather than being used to label luggage with its destination, this sticker advertises some of the London Midland & Scottish railway’s services.
Not for luggage, but I couldn’t resist sharing this label for pigeons. The advert intended for fastidious fanciers is just wonderful!

Our luggage label collection is available through our library and archive – see here for more information.

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