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By Anthony Coulls on

Diesel fleet focus

Anthony Coulls updates us on the diesel locomotives in our collection.

Workloads are very heavy on all of us at the moment, so apologies for the lack of updates of late. However, I though readers might like to see some of the other motive power items of the collection with some updates on their condition. Quite often I read suggestions that the NRM neglects its non-steam fleet – the fact that four of the locos are currently in the Works suggests otherwise! D6700 continues with bodywork in advance of an event at York later this year. 55 002 has made it into the Works for its booked slot to allow internal work and refitting of the radiators to take place. D1023 and D8000 continue to recieve remedial attention, though D8000 may have a period around the turntable later in the year when workshop space is required for other vehicles.

Elsewhere at York, the 08 No. 13079 is having a repaint, 47 798 is serviceable and was running yesterday whilst D200 awaits entry into the Works for repair.

At the other end of the spectrum, our Simplex shunter at Shildon is having a rare spot in the limelight!

A note of interest to some is that the external combustion loco 4472 has had its frames taken to Ian Riley’s works at Bury today to have the air brakes fitted.

From left to right in the Works – D6700, 55 002, D1023and D8000

In the South Yard yesterday, the class 47 was ticking over awaiting Steve Davies and a guest so that they could carry out a track inspection.

At Shildon this afternoon, preparations are in full swing for this weekend’s toy and model fair. To create a bit of interest, our Simplex shunter has been placed at the entrance door just for the duration of the show – a rare chance to see the loco outside.

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