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By James Philpott on

Christmas at the National Railway Museum 2022: What will the railways of the future look like?

Senior Explainer James shares a bundle of visitors' visions of future rail travel.

What will the railways of the future look like?

That’s the question we asked our visitors when considering our Christmas display this year. Christmas is traditionally a time for reflecting on the past and also imagining what’s to come, and our displays featured in the National Railway Museum and at the York Minster Christmas Tree Festival this year were to be a celebration of all things railway, past, present, and future.

The past and present are easy. All we need do is look around us at some of the wonderful and beautiful things we have here in our collection at the National Railway Museum to see examples of the technology that has revolutionised travel and continues to improve our lives.

The future, however, is a different story, and one that is not yet written.

So who better to turn to than those who will help realise this future? Our wonderful visitors of all ages have used their creativity and engineering skills to come up with some truly amazing locomotives of the future, imagining how renewable energy, speed, comfort, and a whole host of needs and desires will shape the future of travel by rail.

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