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By Lorna Hogger on

A quick engine-cleaning postscript

See engine cleaning from an artist's viewpoint with this beautiful painting from our art collection.

With Stathis’ recent post on the subject of cleaning engines – and I must admit that I quite enjoyed my brief stint of loco cleaning alongside the conservation team’s gang of volunteers – I thought it would be a good chance to highlight this painting from the NRM collection.

St Pancras, Cleaning Yard, by Cliff Rowe (1904-1989) is one of a series of cleaning yard paintings made between 1940 and 1945. They all depict a woman cleaning the inside of the locomotive, each one progressing a little further towards abstraction.

St Pancras Cleaning Yard by Cliff Rowe
Woman cleaning locomotive wearing protective goggles, St Pancras station. Pencil, oil and wash on board by Cliff Rowe. 1940- 1945.


You can catch up with Stathis’ original post here.

3 comments on “A quick engine-cleaning postscript

  1. Very cool indeed. Having just done my first couple of cleaning turns down at Swanage I can certainly appreciate this painting. 🙂

  2. That’s a very striking picture. Are any of the image collections available to view online?

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