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Railway station lost property: 3350 gloves, 2280 umbrellas, and live animals
By Ruth Leach

What happened to lost property in Victorian railway stations? Ruth Leach delves into the archives to find out.

‘Skegness is SO bracing’ – back to its bracing best
By Lorna Hogger

A delve into the Museum’s archives reveals a railway design icon.

A petition to let railway staff grow moustaches
By Peter Thorpe

Search Engine Assistant Peter Thorpe reveals the story behind a weird and wonderful document from our collection.

Can you read this letter? There’s a prize on offer if you can
By Alison Kay

Archivist Alison Kay reveals the story behind this apparently illegible letter from our archives.

Displays & exhibitions in Search Engine
By Peter Thorpe

If you missed our display of royal train-related items, Search Engine Assistant Peter Thorpe has picked out some highlights for blog readers to enjoy.

Railway tourist guides: part 2
By Peter Thorpe

Search Engine Assistant Peter Thorpe reveals a less well-known aspect of railway advertising.

Poetry please!
By Karen Baker

On National Poetry Day (7 October), Search Engine launched a competition to find the next budding railway poet.

Conserving ‘The Shark’: part 2
By Robin Gibson

This is the second part in a series of blog posts written by Robin Gibson, who’s working on the conservation of an 1860s locomotive model.