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Conserving the Great Heck books of condolence
By Wendy S-Woodiwis

…paper and cardboard boxes were consolidated with Japanese tissue paper and wheat starch. The books are now stored in a controlled environment in the museum Archives, where they will be…

Missed the IRS Seminar? Here’s a digest from recent years
By Jonathan Wray

…on future seminars, sign up to our Archives and Behind the Scenes newsletter. November 2018 The first talk was given by Dr Nicola Kirkby of Kings College, London, entitled The…

End of an Electrical Engineering Era
By Charlotte Dennard

…post celebrates the end of the GEC Traction archive cataloguing project funded by The National Archives Cataloguing Grants Programme. The archive is now available to the public for the first…

Parliamentary papers and Railway Mania
By Peter Thorpe

In the archives with the Parliamentary papers I’ve recently started working as the project cataloguer for the newly-acquired collection of parliamentary papers and I’ll be adding each individual paper and…

Discovering the First World War through our archive
By Claire Marston

…build-up of gas on the clothes caused the medical staff to be exposed to it too. The inside of an Ambulance Carriage (photo from National Railway Museum archives) The students…

A glimpse into the history of the ‘Concrete Works’
By Peter Thorpe

…our archives: This area of York’s historic railway infrastructure is due to change out of all recognition as part of the York Central regeneration, one wonders whether at least…

Named locomotives in the First World War
By Robert Demaine

…Museum archives) Railway companies also attempted to do their patriotic duty in the naming of newly built locomotives. A series of ten ‘Prince of Wales’ class locomotives built by the…

Work and Play on a First World War Ambulance Train
By Alison Kay

…experiences of a voluntary unit in France. 1915-1919 Archives held within Leeds University’s Liddle Collection, The Imperial War Museum and The Library of the Religious Society of Friends document horrific…

The end of the line for the printed national timetable
By Peter Thorpe

…find additional space in our archives to accommodate physical items, as every year the timetable was occupying an extra archive box. We do also continue to collect the digital versions,…

Which Borough Market are we dealing with?
By Russell Hollowood

…the archives (that came from BR Southern region in 1976) it was built???? It does not say. In fact, the more you look, the more you find the information is…

Dunrobin – The Little Royal Engine
By Chris Valkoinen

…You can find out more about our collection of Sharp Stewart Drawings and all of our archive collections by visiting the page of our Search Engine Library and Archives Centre….

The railway link to a 131-year-old shipwreck
By Peter Thorpe

…identify the plate. We do hold original records for various independent manufacturing companies in our archives and we also hold copies of some that are held elsewhere. Unfortunately, these don’t…