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From Glasgow Around the Globe
By Tania Parker

Records of the North British Locomotive Company Ltd. & Constituent Companies are now published—here’s what’s inside.

Time detectives—discovering the history of railway clocks
By Peter Thorpe

We get a surprising amount of enquiries about railway clocks. Luckily, we have quite a few records in the archives.

In pictures: Constructing the Scar House Dam
By Nick Ansell

Photographic Archives Volunteer Nick has found some intriguing images in a collection covering the Nidd Valley Light Railway.

Peter Handford: A pioneer of sound
By Archive Team

The whole Archive team delves into the history of the sound recordist on the centenary of his birth.

The Kenneth Cantlie Archive
By Leena Lindell

Cantlie Project Archivist Leena Lindell shares the story of a man who travelled the world and carved his career in the railways of three continents.

Rocket, Railtrack and a history of design
By Karen Baker

Five drawings of Rocket are among the latest collections now available in Search Engine.

Can you help on Transcription Tuesday?
By Mike Esbester

Dr Mike Esbester needs a hand on 5 February—here’s why.

Daddy long-legs—a weird and wonderful railway
By Nick Ansell

Photographic Archives Volunteer Nick sheds some light on an unusual discovery.

Railway Workers After the Accident
By Mike Esbester

Dr Mike Esbester introduces a new resource from the ‘Railway Work, Life & Death’ project to coincide with Disability History Month.

A glimpse into the history of the ‘Concrete Works’
By Peter Thorpe

Peter Thorpe digs deeper into the history of the building which still stands in the museum’s car park.

Railway Work, Life & Death—latest from the project
By Mike Esbester

Dr Mike Esbester explores the latest goings-on from an important collaborative railway research project.

From York to Sierra Leone—a tale of two railway museums
By Anthony Coulls

Senior Curator Anthony Coulls discusses the National Railway Museum’s partnership with Sierra Leone’s railway museum.