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Engineered to perfection: cataloguing the GEC Traction Archives
By Charlotte Dennard

…September 2016 and is funded by The National Archives Cataloguing Grants Programme 2014. The collection is the largest at the museum, with a colossal 1,571 boxes as well as four…

New finds from the NRM archives: Brunel and atmospheric railways
By Alison Kay

While working on a recent cataloguing project funded by the Business Archives Council, I uncovered some fascinating new information about two key unresearched items in our collection. Reading through the…

Trams, buses and TGVs – drawings from the GEC archives
By Charlotte Dennard

…the business and technical records. The project, funded by the National Archives Cataloguing Grant Scheme finishes at the end of September. If you would like a copy of any of…

Diagrams, deers and decor: lighting represented in railway engineering archives
By Alison Kay

The Wolverton Works archive contains thousands of drawings of carriages, wagons and early locomotives. It also, rather surprisingly, contains a large number of light fitting designs. This is because as…

Celebrating the Jubilee: royal photos from our archives
By Alice Coltman

Hi everyone. I’m Alice. I’ve recently been researching the royal trains that are on display in Station Hall. You can find out more about them on our website. I’ve picked…

Drawing Office Romance: an Engineering Love Story
By Chris Valkoinen

…and Marjory Littler viewing a drawing in the Search Engine library and archives Eric’s connection goes back 86 years. In 1935, aged 12 years old, he saw the massive KF7…

Conserving a vellum indenture from the Leonard Raisbeck Archive
By Shoun Obana

…could not be fully opened meaning some of the text was not accessible. The Archives and Conservation teams engaged in an ethical discussion about how to move forward, considering whether…

Going Underground with the Price & Reeves Collection
By Tania Parker

…a comment below or email me directly at The Price & Reeves Collection can be found on our new archives catalogue here: You can access the collection through…

Search Engine – the first 10 years
By Peter Thorpe

…existing archives and make more of our collections available digitally. Finally, every good birthday should have a cake, but with over 200 years of railway history in our archives, we…

Public records on track: Creating the NRM’s corporate archive
By Alex van Goethem and Tania Parker

…museum’s Library and Archives and Corporate Information teams to transfer the Railway Museum’s historic public records from the corporate record stores into our Archives, ensuring our adherence to the Public…

Remember these? How would you track the modern railway industry?
By Alison Kay

…gone full circle, privatisation in the 1990’s resulting in many more companies emerging then disappearing. You can see a wonderful diagram with more dates and details on the National Archives

Eccentric Engineering: discoveries in railway technology
By Jack Garside

…facing the railways. During our work in the museum’s archives we have come across some great examples of alternative solutions to engineering problems faced by the railways throughout their history….